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A Concierge Approach to Health and Beauty 

Calabasas Medical and Aesthetic Center is a concierge, personal service medical and aesthetic practice focused on health and beauty while providing comprehensive personalized visits in a private and relaxed boutique environment.

We are dedicated to helping adults of all ages proactively treat and manage common and complex chronic illnesses, using an integrated medical approach that blends high-touch, high-care personalized medicine with the most modern technologies, diagnostics testing, and clinically proven treatment approaches.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you, not just as a patient but as a person. 

Our Healthcare Mission 

By offering a concierge, personal service delivery focused on adults' health, we are able to treat and manage common and complex chronic illnesses by merging high-touch, high-care and personalized medicine with the most modern technologies and diagnostic testing. By limiting our patient population size we can ensure you’ll receive top-quality care with house calls as needed for your convenience. 

Given that our focus is on adult's health and their unique needs we offer our patients acute and chronic disease management, diagnostic testing, comprehensive physical exams, and personalized treatments to keep all of our patients healthy or get on the road to recovery. 

As a Concierge Physician, Dr. Eshraghi will be the conductor and manager of your care, focusing on prevention and lifestyle treatments, and medications as needed. Modern-day medical treatments and technology meet old school Doctor - Patient care.

With Dr.Eshragi being highly trained in aesthetics and anti-aging, she can provide her patients the convenience of receiving non-invasive treatments, from botox and fillers to Kybella and skin tightening, in order for you to feel, look and live your best!

Concierge Medical & Aesthetic Services

Internal Medical Services

  • 24/7 Direct access to your doctor with concierge membership

  • Executive physicals

  • Lab testing

  • Cancer screenings

  • Covid 19 testing

  • Peptide therapy and anti-aging treatments 

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • Medical weight loss services

  • Telemedicine visits

  • House-calls

Medical Aesthetic Services ​​

  • Botox

  • Fillers

  • Non-invasive skin tightening

  • Non-surgical (liquid) facelifts

  • Kybella injections (for dissolving areas of stubborn fat)

  • Medical-grade chemical peels

  • IPL for skin rejuvenation

  • Morpheus 8 - State-of-the-art aesthetic technology for micro-needling and radio-frequency, anti-aging procedures, acne and acne scar treatments, and body contouring.

  •  FaceTite and BodyTite procedures - state-of-the-art technology combining classic liposuction with skin tightening

  • Unsightly vein removal

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